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Safety Policy are committed to the protection of its online community and closely moderates its content so as to reduce offense and or misconduct through its Website.

In particularly we are committed to the on-going protection of the young and vulnerable. It is our mission to not only ensure safe web use but also continue to educated and inform the community about online safety.

Comments added to the site by registered, logged-in members will appear on the site without human moderation, but are submitted to an automated system where suitability is screened.

Comments added to the site by unregistered or not logged-in users will not appear until they have been formally moderated.

Ideas and applications submitted are always moderated before appearing on the site.

The SchoolsWorld Team will sometimes edit content before it appears on the site. Such editing will take place only if we feel that it will make the content more understandable (for example, amending typos or moving content into correct fields) or easier to view (for example, if images uploaded are too large for the site or a title is too long). We will not change the substance or meaning of a contribution to the site.

The SchoolsWorld Team will always strive to moderate content added within a 24 hour period during the working week. Comments added over the weekend or bank holidays will be moderated on first subsequent working day.

If your submission to the site does not appear on the site, or is removed, it means that the SchoolsWorld team feel that the contribution does not comply with the code of conduct of the site.

Where possible or appropriate we will contact you to explain why your contribution did not fit with the guidelines, with suggestions of how the content could be re-phrased so that it can appear on the site.

If you have a query about why your contribution has not appeared on the site, our participation guidelines or approach to moderation, please contact us at


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