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Teachers' pay linked to performance

Teachers in England and Wales will get pay rises based on performance rather than the length of service, after the Government accepted all of the proposals in a report by the School Teachers' Review Body (STRB).

The independent review body, which advises the Government on teachers’ pay, published a report calling for greater freedom for schools to set teachers’ pay. The Government agreed with the STRB’s proposal that teachers’ pay progression should be linked to their performance and annual appraisals. This, the report says, already happens with more senior teachers.

Mandatory pay points within the pay scales for classroom teachers will be removed to allow individual pay decisions giving schools greater freedom on how much teachers are paid. The overall framework of national pay scales will remain, despite suggestions that there should be regional pay levels.

The Government also accepted the STRB’s recommendation for local flexibility for schools to create posts paying salaries above the upper pay scale, which would enable some of the very best teachers to remain in the classroom.

The National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT) has welcomed key proposals by the STRB, saying that ‘a reasonable balance has been struck’ over the deregulation of pay.

But teachers’ unions have condemned the STRB’s proposals, describing them as ‘a disaster for children's education’ and saying that teachers will be appalled by them.

There will now be a consultation on the STRB’s report until 4th January 2013. Subject to statutory consultation, the Coalition Government intends to accept the key recommendations. The proposed changes to teachers’ pay rises are due to come into effect from September next year.


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