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Olympic legacy falling flat at school

The Olympic legacy suffered a blow after research suggested that more than half of children fail to get at least two hours of physical education every week.

Just 100 days after the closing ceremony of the London Games, it emerged that about 54% of parents fear that their children are struggling to get access to enough sport at school.

The majority of schools are cutting back on sport and about one in seven teenagers fails to get any PE at all in their final year of school, it found.

Chance to Shine, a sporting charity, surveyed more than 1,000 parents and found 15% believed their children did more sport outside of school.

Eight in 10 parents said the amount of games lessons had either stayed the same as before the Olympics or decreased. 3% of those asked said their children did no sport at all.

Wasim Khan, chief executive of Chance to Shine, said: "Parents are saying that many of their children were inspired by the Games to play more or to try a new sport. We owe it to those children to ensure we have the right infrastructure to make it a reality."

The Department for Education insisted that it was placing competitive sport at the centre of its school reforms.


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