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New ICT curriculum proposed

A new draft curriculum created by the Royal Academy of Engineering and BCS suggests digital literacy, computer science and information technology should be taught from the age of five.

Nine months ago Michael Gove, the education secretary, scrapped the existing curriculum for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and proposed giving schools the freedom to create their own curricula for the subject.

This new draft, which has not been endorsed by the Department for Education, is one of the results, representing the expert advice of a working party that coordinated input from a range of stakeholders.

The rough draft is innovative, refreshing, and exciting and discusses how digital literacy, computer science, and information technology rather than just ICT should all be taught from the start of a child's education at KS1 through to KS3, like the sciences at primary school. While KS4 students should be able to specialise in an area of ICT, again as is possible in the sciences.

Among other competencies, the draft suggests students should be taught to use software on a range of devices, to write programmes to accomplish goals, solve problems by dividing them into smaller parts, select, use and assemble multiple applications across a range of devices to achieve complex goals.

Altogether, the draft represents an impressive set of goals that will push and stretch students, fully engaging them in interesting, creative tasks that will result in a wide range of skills.


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