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With his mum, brother and his little sister, Alex visits a farm for the first time on his seventh birthday. He's excited to be going to a real farm and can't wait to see all his favourite animals. But when Alex reaches the pig pen he's disappointed; it wasn't at all what he'd expected. The pig was huge and covered in hairs, and not at all like his toy pigs at home! Andy, who works on the farm, notices his disappointment and suggests Alex gets to know the pigs better by helping him look after Beatty, a very large sow.

It's good fun and Alex makes her a nice new bed of straw, cleans out her water trough and feeds her. Alex also notices lots of intriguing things about Beatty, like how she walks and uses her snout to find food. In the end, Alex learns to like Beatty and decides she's much more interesting than his toy pigs.

In the spring, Alex and his brother Seb help Andy weigh the newborn lambs and find out, to their surprise, they grow much more quickly than people do. They also notice the lambs have inherited different characteristics from their mum and dad, just like they have.

Back in the farm's greenhouse, all the small geraniums are getting too big for their pots and after a demonstration from Andy, Alex and Seb become experts at repotting and get to know what they need to do to grow beautiful blossoms.

This programme looks at:

  • Living things
  • Growing and changing
  • Growing plants

Part of the series: Inspirations




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