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Schools given powers to remove poor teachers within a term

Under new rules being introduced in September, underperforming teachers could be removed from the classroom within a term rather than the year or more it currently takes.

Powers to dismiss under performing teachers

The education secretary, Michael Gove, said poor teaching put pressure on other staff and was detrimental to children's education. The new powers, first announced last May, will allow schools to remove poor teachers from the classroom quickly. The process currently takes a year or longer.

All teachers will be assessed against rigorous new teaching standards every year to ensure performance is being maintained and measures will be introduced to stop poor teachers being “recycled” from school to school.

Gove said that with the "right support", many teachers could improve their performance. He said it was difficult to easily quantify how many incompetent teachers there were.

Teachers would continue to be protected by employment law from headteachers who didn't like certain members of their staff and wanted to fire them. "If they are a victim of prejudice, for example, they will have the full protection of the law and the possibility of going to an employment tribunal," he said.

"What we are talking about here is [when there is] clear evidence that children are not doing as well as they should be ... Nothing matters more than the quality of time children spend with a gifted adult. Sometimes a headteacher intervening with a few brisk words can get things right."


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