Learning from Europe (Gunilla Dahlberg)


Two Early Years experts discuss what EYFS practitioners can learn from the ways in which young children are supported and encourage to learn in other European countries.


Professor Dr Gunilla Dahlberg and Early Years adviser Anne Bentley discuss what can be learned from teaching Early Years in Europe at the European Early Childhood Research Association Conference, EECERA 2010

Gunilla is responsible for Early Years policy in Sweden and researching learning in Reggio Emilia, Italy, while Anne is an Early Years adviser in Sefton, Liverpool.

Gunilla reports the findings of her research at Reggio, where children plan the work, and their voice is respected. Gunilla believes children can teach us about the new world they live in, if teachers are disposed to listen.

She feels that the ELG?s in the UK system are counter-productive, and she worries that the UK is too target driven. She recommends strategies that emphasise the learning process.

Anne challenges practitioners to look at child development holistically, as she believes Europeans have a lot to share, which may help improve EYFS.

Part of the series: EYFS Professional Knowledge




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