Averaging Continuous Data


A group of Key Stage 3 students are given a masterclass in continuous data averages lead by award-winning maths teacher Jonny Heeley.

Jonny explores practical ways of looking at continuous data averages using the very practical example of what size gloves a glove company should make.

To gets to grips with continuous data such as hand sizes rather than discreet data such as the number of sweets in a jar, Jonny and a group of twenty students demonstrate the usefulness of class intervals and cumulative frequency graphs.

The objective is to enthuse teachers and teach students using situations that are easy and practical to set up in a school classroom.

Jonny's talent lies in empowering the students and encouraging them to express their thoughts and ideas out loud as together they work towards and understanding of the maths.

Part of the series: Jonny Heeley's Masterclass




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