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Frequently-asked questions

I see a number of companies now have access to Teachers TV content; what is the difference?

Yes, the Department for Education allowed a number of organisations to provide the Teachers TV content under an un-exclusive license agreement. However, SchoolsWorld is brought to you by the original company that ran and produced Teachers TV for the Department for Education (DfE). We now offer a much more extensive, robust service - for not just teachers, but everybody interested in the world of schools.

Where can I find the Teachers TV videos?

SchoolsWorld contains the full archive of all the original Teachers TV videos, that we are licensed to use by the Department of Education. To find these videos, users can use our new, user-friendly navigation, which allows users to filter content by audience, subject and age range. Alternatively all content is fully searchable and if you know the name of a video you are looking for why not use the search box located at in the top right hand corner of every page.

If you can't find a video that was originally on Teachers TV this may be because at the time the videos were acquired from a third party, (in particular a number of classroom videos) and these are not currently part of our license agreement. If however there is specific content that you wish to see on SchoolsWorld please don't hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to help provide you with this content.

Why can't videos be downloaded?

Currently Teachers TV videos can't be downloaded from SchoolsWorld. This is something that we are currently developing so we can offer you an added value service later on down the line. SchoolsWorld is still evolving and there will be a number of on going developments and changes to all sorts of things on the website. We'll keep you posted - its really exciting stuff. Register now for our free newsletter.

My old Teachers TV link doesn't work?

The Teachers TV website now links to the DfE website. We've made massive improvements in usability and accessibility of content from the previous Teachers TV platform, to help users get more of what they want, faster. If you're having difficulties linking to your favorite videos, or have any other query then just drop us a note and we will be more than happy to direct you to the right URL. Furthermore you may find there is more we can do than just a link?

I see you have some other partners, how can I get involved?

There are so many opportunities to get involved with SchoolsWorld! We welcome all ideas and suggestions; if you are interested in working with us please get in touch.

Can I promote my business through SchoolsWorld?

We take communication very seriously here at SchoolsWorld and if you would like help in communicating your business involvement with schools to our incredible audience, there are a number of really exciting ways in which to do so. Please note however the integrity of the messaging is paramount and what we communicate has to be sensitive to the needs of our users. If you are interested in advertising or promotional opportunities please get in contact.

Where are Groups?

You may have noticed that "Groups" are not currently on the SchoolsWorld platform, but were on Teachers TV. For now please get involved with us on Twitter and Face Book, but again keep your eyes peeled as there are some even more innovative features on their way, such as discussion boards, forums and a very unique Blackboard facility - due early next year.

I am an international visitor and can't view all content? Why is this?

Currently due to the licensing agreement with the Department for Education, Teachers TV videos are only available free in the UK. But SchoolsWorld by its very name is passionate about the world of education and is developing a number of international options, which will allow you access to great content. If you are interested in getting involved in this process please get in contact.

Are videos subtitled?

Yes, roughly around 20 per cent of all videos from the archive are subtitled. As we bring you new content we will also be looking at increasing the amount of content available in this way.

How is your site moderated?

We are firm believers in user participation and welcome users to get involved, rate content, leave comments, share and even discuss ideas with each other. However we are committed to cyber security and child safety online. SchoolsWorld closely monitor and moderate the content on our website, as well as run a number of programs designed to stop users misusing this service. We also welcome the SchoolsWorld community as a whole to keep a vigilant eye on this and if you feel there is anything going on that shouldn't be, please get in contact with us.

What's next?

At SchoolsWorld we are constantly developing and improving our service by continuing to develop new content and resources, as well as looking at many different ideas for innovation.

All we can let out of the bag at this stage is there is a lot more to come and much in which to get involved - so keep a close eye on this site, you never know what you may find!

Also for latest announcements and developments, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and our newsletter.

Have another question?

Please don't hesitate to get in contact with us we really like to hear from everyone!


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