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Currently we are developing a whole range of information to help businesses work closely with schools.

The schools arena is a rich and vibrant place at the heart of a community. Businesses have for years realized the benefits of engaging with their schools to help support education, grow their own businesses and safeguard the future of their industries.

Why should a business get involved?

Key benefits to businesses choosing to partner with a trust school include:

  • Opportunities to engage with your local community through the sharing of expertise and skills with local schools
  • Engaging with young people and potential employees of the future
  • Having the chance to raise educational standards and achievements
  • Excellent media and corporate social responsibility opportunities associated with supporting the school
  • Raise staff morale through commitment to the local community and engagement
  • Involvement in sustainable partnerships that benefit schools and future generations of learners
  • Developing relationships that can enhance long-term brand recognition and loyalty
  • Opportunities to put in place a coordinated approach to involvement with education

There are many different ways in which companies can get involved with the education arena from simple donations and sponsorship through to employee engagement and developing bespoke educational classroom resources.

If you are specifically interested in advice and ideas for how your business can get involved in the world of the school please contact our friends at dbda for more information.

In the mean time why not have a look at some of our downloadable resources that can help give an overview of schools and the way they work.



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