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Accessibility Statement

In designing, every attempt has been made to conform to the W3C Web Content Accessibilities Guidelines version 1.0 including all Priority 1, Priority 2 and some Priority 3 checkpoints as defined in the guidelines.

This website is designed using XHTML 1.0 Strict, providing compatibility with many different Browsers, the code being validated using the W3C Validator. is committed to following and supporting the Web Standards Project (WaSP). Users can change the style sheets in their browsers to make viewing easier for their individual requirements.

Access keys incorporates the use of Access Keys - this means that this site can be quickly and easily navigated using the keyboard. The Access Keys used on this site is as follows:

[S] - Skip navigation/Go to content
[N] - Go to main navigation
[M] - Go to secondary navigation
[P] - Go to the Pupils/Students section
[T] - Go to the Teachers Section
[Q] – Go to the NQT section
[G] – Go to the Governors section
[R] - Go to the Parents section
[B] – Go to the Business section
[1] - Go to the SchoolsWorld homepage
[3] - Go to the Site plan
[4] - Go to the News page
[8] - Go to the Legal information page
[9] - Go to the Contact us page
[0] - Accessibility information (this page)

Access Keys are not case sensitive (it doesn't matter if you type capitals or lower case letters).

Access Keys in Microsoft Internet Explorer

Hold down the 'Alt' key, press the corresponding Access Key (for example 4 to go to the homepage), release both keys and then press Return.

Access Keys in Mozilla Firefox

Hold down 'Shift' and 'Alt' and then press the corresponding Access Key.

Access Keys in Opera

Press 'Shift' and 'Esc' at the same time to enter 'Access Keys' mode. A list of available Access Keys will then be displayed with the access key in brackets. Press the corresponding key to open the link. To exit Access Mode, just press 'Shift' and 'Esc' again. This setting can also be changed via the Preferences menu (under the Advanced and Shortcuts section).

Access Keys in Safari

Hold down 'Ctrl' and press the corresponding Access Key.


All Portable Document Format (PDF) files provided on this site have been accessibility checked and can be opened using software such as the free Adobe Reader.


All Video Content files provided on this site have been accessibility checked and can be viewed using a number of devised including MP4 smartphone devises.


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